Luna Production Team Nancy Bourne Haley

Nancy Bourne Haley received a Masters in Film & Broadcasting from Stanford University in 1979 and after a year as a teaching assistant in the graduate program began freelance work. She took a break from seven years of educational film and television work, which included work for two Seattle PBS stations and Rx: Competition, a 1/2 hour documentary on the early initiatives in competitive health maintenance organizations, to focus on Tacoma's non–profit world. Nancy's work has included arts advocacy work for the City of Tacoma, board membership on various arts and educational organizations, and the founding of the Children's Museum of Tacoma, where she recently worked for ten years in development and created many short videos. Recently, Nancy produced, directed, and edited a 1/2 hour documentary commemorating 125 years of history of ILWU Local #23 Tacoma and associate produced The Revolutionary, a feature documentary featuring Sidney Rittenberg, with Stourwater Pictures.

Lucy Ostrander

Lucy Ostrander, an award–winning documentary filmmaker began to receive accolades for her work with her Masters' thesis from Stanford University, Witness to Revolution: The Story of Anna Louise Strong. In producing the film, she became the first American student to work with the China Film Co–Production Corporation. The film received a national PBS broadcast, and won a Student Academy Award, the Nissan Focus Award and a CINE Golden Eagle. In 2005 she was a recipient of Washington State's Artist Trust Fellowship. Over the course of 25 years, her documentaries have focused primarily on Northwest history and include East of Occidental, Home From the Eastern Sea, The Red Pines, Island Roots and Fumiko Hayashida: The Woman Behind The Symbol. Her current endeavor is the distribution of recently released The Revolutionary, a biographical film of Sidney Rittenberg, an American who became a member of the Chinese Communist Party and spent 34 years in the PRC. Other films by Lucy & Don are available at
Filming Tall Ships Don Sellers

Don Sellers has been a cinematographer/videographer and editor on documentary films for over 25 years, with his most recent feature documentary The Revolutionary showcasing his multiple talents. After receiving a Masters Degree in Film and Broadcasting from Stanford University, Don worked as a cinematographer and editor on numerous programs produced for the PBS series Frontline and Discover. For Frontline, Don photographed around the world covering topics as diverse as the changes in China since the death of Mao, meetings between Afrikaners and the ANC in West Africa, horse racing in upstate New York, papal masses at the Vatican, Hollywood agents, and earthquakes in California. In addition to his work for PBS, Don spent six weeks riding with the graveyard shift of Miami homicide shooting a series for ABC. He has taught film writing and production as a guest lecturer at Stanford University.

In 2014, Lucy and Don received the prestigious Erik Barnouw Award from the Organization of American Historians and the History In Progress Award from the American Association for State and Local History for Honor & Sacrifice. They've concentrated on bringing to the screen important stories in Pacific Rim and Pacific Northwest history, producing documentaries that are admired by both academics and critics.
Hale Bill and The Bopps Hale Bill & The Bopps

Hale Bill & the Bopps first became visible in the Northwest folk music-sphere in 1997 and the 6–member group has been an active ingredient in the Nordic folk music world in the greater Puget Sound area since then. Within the constellation are Irene Myers, Bill Boyd, Gina Boyd, Mary Nelson, Leslie Foley and Nancy Morrison, all of whom individually have a history with Nordic folk music that extends back to the 70's and 80's. They play fiddles, recorder, piano, tramporgel and occasionally clarinet, and perform at festivals, folk dances, openings, parties, etc., primarily in the Seattle–Tacoma area, where they are based. Along with their participation in the production of Finding Thea, the Bopps can also be heard on another documentary about earlier eras in Puget Sound history, Port Blakely: Memories of a Mill Town.
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