1914 Norway Independence "Finding Thea is the only 'encore' performance from last year's festival. 'Every time we played the 24-minute documentary on Thea Foss last year, it sold out so we're bringing it back.' " (quoting Philip Cowan, Grand Cinema Executive Director)
from Weekly Volcano, October 4, 2007

"Of the movie's many accomplishments, its capacity to capture the soul and spirit of this woman, may well be its richest achievement... All who claim even an ounce of the Nordic heritage should see, keep and treasure this wonderful film."
as reviewed in Dotre Av Norge, Volume 70, No. 2 March/April 2007

" 'Finding Thea' combines historical photographs, quotes from journals, and interviews with historians to tell a fascinating story that will appeal to general audiences, as well as anyone studying the histories of immigration, women, and the maritime industry. Highly recommended."
from the Video Librarian, Jan/Feb 2007

"...Two state of Washington filmmakers smoothly combined old photos, old moving–picture film (including clips from the pre–WWII Hollywood films featuring Marie Dressler's 'Tugboat Annie,'... and current video to tell Thea's story with imagination and considerable insight."
as reviewed in Tugbitts, quarterly journal of Tugboat Enthusiasts Society of the Americas, Volume 17-3, Autumn/Winter 2006/2007

"The real Thea Foss was an important figure in Tacoma history, the founder of what was to become the giant Foss Maritime Co. She richly deserves the spotlight she gets in a well–made, 24–minute documentary by local filmmakers Nancy Bourne Haley, Lucy Ostrander and Don Sellers.

The documentary reveals intriguing tidbits about this very independent woman from Norway.

'Finding Thea' is a wonderful tribute to a woman whose spirit still inhabits the city she helped build."

from editorial in The News Tribune, October 11, 2006

" 'I really like people who are strong and able and creative and productive, who can be humble about their accomplishments and also be incredibly caring about the people around them,' says Tacoma filmmaker Nancy Bourne Haley.

Thea Foss fit that profile to a T. So much so that, more than seven decades after her death, she inspired Haley to make a film commemorating her life. Finding Thea, an artfully constructed 24–minute documentary about one of the City of Destiny's most prominent historical figures... the opinion of the event's (Tacoma Film Festival) organizer, Shawn Sylvian, 'it's really well done'."

from Soren Anderson's article in The News Tribune, October 6, 2006

"With so much information, how do filmmakers chart their course? 'You have to find the story within the story. You gather pieces,' Sellers said. 'Archival footage, photographs. Then you have to find the story. You put together what you think makes sense.'

A documentary needs 'an arc of a story to it,' he added. 'It needs to engage the audience and lead them to a journey that compels them.'

Thea Foss' story more than meets those criteria."

from Bainbridge Island Review, September 13, 2006
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